In the Zelda franchise, one of the most iconic items that is near and dear to fans is the Master Sword. The Blade of Evil’s Bane was first introduced in A Link to the Past back in 1991 and has made its debut in a number of Zelda games since then. Even the tune that plays when Link pulls it out of its pedestal is quite nostalgic for many fans of the series. Since its first appearance, the Master Sword has made its mark in gaming history and its cutscenes have become very memorable to players of the series.

If you want to relive that nostalgia and reminisce about your first Zelda game, you can watch the video above created by BeardBear. This devoted gamer on YouTuber has shown the world how the Master Sword cutscenes have evolved in Zelda history and how unique they all are to their respective game. BeardBear begins the video with the A Link to the Past scene and includes other iconic games such as Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. BeardBear then ends the video with the most recent Master Sword cutscene from Breath of the Wild  making this such an epic video for new and veteran fans alike.

Which is your favorite Master Sword scene? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below and check out more of BeardBear’s channel on YouTube!

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