Alongside the ongoing Zeldathon, another group of The Legend of Zelda fans have been streaming several Zelda games throughout the day, namely ZeldaSpeedRuns’ Relay Race. The organisers of the event rallied up a grand total of 40 speedrunners, including well known runners such as ZFG and Runnerguy, to play through every single mainline 3D Zelda as fast as possible. These 40 players all have one specific game in which they are very proficient, and taking that certain game into account, every participant is sorted into one of eight teams, each containing five players. The whole event is one big relay, meaning that once a game is completed a runner will immediately pass the controller on to his teammate to start running his game.

The current schedule and rules for the games are as follows, but are subject to change depending on how quickly or slowly the teams advance. (All times EST, Explanations: Any%, RBA, WW)

  • Estimated Start of Ocarina of Time [no rba/ww]: 10:00am
  • Estimated Start of Majora’s Mask [any%]: 11:30am
  • Estimated Start of The Wind Waker [any%]: 1:00pm
  • Estimated Start of Twilight Princess [any%]: 5:30pm
  • Estimated Start of Skyward Sword [any%]: 8:45pm

Every team should be done by the end of today, and the whole event can be followed on ZeldaSpeedRuns’ twitch channel, website, or at the top of this article. The Twitter hashtag #ZSRelay is also available for updates on the stream.

Current Status: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Do you enjoy Zelda speedruns? Will you be watching the stream? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ZeldaSpeedRuns

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