Many Mario Kart fans are still resistant to the idea of ​​the series becoming a kind of “Nintendo Kart,” that is, expanding the universe of the racing franchise beyond the Mushroom Kingdom. This “concern” perhaps arose at the time of the launch of Mario Kart 8, which was the first title in the series to introduce characters and tracks from other Nintendo universes: Link from The Legend of Zelda, with his respective track Hyrule Circuit, and Isabelle from Animal Crossing, with her eponymous track. In addition to those characters, new tracks based on F-Zero were also made available for purchase via DLC.

I personally believe crossovers like the one mentioned above bring a breath of freshness to the racing series, and it’s really interesting to see how such disparate characters interact within new distinct universes. With that in mind, check out this new Mario Kart project by YouTube’s RiazorMC. In this fan-made track for Mario Kart 8, Mario traverses much of Hyrule as seen in Ocarina of Time. It’s mesmerizing to watch such iconic locations that we’ve revisited so many times before adapted as a gigantic race track. The quality of the work is impeccable and the frame rate is amazing, but what really caught my attention the most is how RiazorMC managed to connect the entire map as if it were an enormous open world, something that obviously we could not even dream of in the Nintendo 64 era.

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Source: RiazorMC Archive

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