testchamber_windwakerhd_200Every Thursday, the staff at Game Informer take a look at the biggest game releases of the week in their Test Chamber video show, and this week The Wind Waker HD was featured. Join Game Informer Editors Andrew Reiner and Dan Ryckert as they praise The Wind Waker’s gorgeous graphics, and complement Nintendo on the remake’s enhanced controls and convenient item management, while playing through the game’s first major dungeon: “Dragon Roost Cavern”.

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For anyone unfamiliar with the personalities behind Game Informer, Dan Ryckert is pretty much the resident clown at the prolific gaming magazine. Author of the thrilling “Air Force Gator” book series, he is best known for his goofball jokes and terrible memory. By his own admission, “Zelda games and the dates of important wrestling events” are the only things he can consistently remember. His favorite game of all time is A Link to the Past, though The Wind Waker is also high up on his list of favorite Zelda games. Will he be able to complete a successful speedrun through “Dragon Roost Cavern”, or will his clumsy attempts at killing Magtails impede his progress. Watch the video below to find out.

I can’t stress enough how entertaining Game Informer’s videos are, and I highly recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel for regular doses of well-informed, and always amusing, commentary on games past and present.

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