Warp_Zone_SM3D.pngThe developers of Super Mario 3D are really going to great pains to make it an experience that seamlessly combines the styles of the 2D games, exemplified in New Super Mario Bros., with that of the 3D titles, specifically Super Mario Galaxythere’s a familiar secret hidden in World 1-2! It’s a reference to the classic Warp Zone from the original Super Mario Bros., cleverly hidden in essentially the same manner.

Now, since this is just a demo the warp doesn’t really work in exactly the same way – it just takes Mario to the end of the level – but I imagine that with this game using the classic “worlds” structure it’ll wind up functioning more familiarly by taking us to World 2, 3, or 4, depending on which pipe we enter. You can watch a video of Matthew Castle of NGamer showing us the way to the Warp Zone below:

Nostalgic, no? Just goes to show that they’re giving enough attention to the original games that this could truly be the first 3D Mario that really nails the classic formula – I’m hoping it goes on to become the most successful title in the 3D series, if not Mario‘s entire 25+ year history.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine via GoNintendo

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