We’ve brought you countless fantastic articles over the two years we’ve

been around. These articles are the work of our writing team The

Bombers. Some of our writers have been on board from the very

beginning, before this site even existed. Others have joined in along

the way. We’re always on the lookout for new talent and recently

decided to make it a tad easier for all of you wanting to apply for the


Over the years, I’ve read my fair share of articles, making sure that the quality standards are met with each new release. During this time I’ve come to

notice that certain mistakes constantly pop up, especially with new

writers. This is why sometime last year, with the help of our longstanding writer Alex, I started to compile a list of the most common mistakes, which we then presented to the team.

We recently came to the conclusion that it would actually make more sense to share this document with the world and all the possible applicants out there. So if you’re looking to apply or just improve your writing, take a look at what we’ve prepared for you here.

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