Wackiest Video Game Sidekicks

EzloThe folks over at The Kartel have put together a list of the wackiest video game sidekicks that we didn’t care about until now. Several Nintendo characters made the list including Waluigi from the Super Mario Bros series, Slippy Toad from Star Fox, and Magikarp from Pokemon. However, the character we care about that made the list is Ezlo, from The Minish Cap. Yup, the talking hat, who we later find out is cursed by Vaati, is one of the wackiest characters according to The Kartel. Here is the small tidbit that they had to say about him.

In Minish Cap, Link meets the character Ezlo, who is a mix between a duck and Link’s green hat. By meeting Ezlo, the series explains how Link got his green hat idea. Did I mention that the hat-duck is always by Link’s side throughout the game? It makes Ezlo one of the wackiest and strangest sidekicks in a Zelda game—or in any game, for that matter.

Perhaps the wackiest of all the Zelda sidekicks, but it fits well in the Zelda world. When we have multiple games where there are talking whales, one of which has the ability to fly, a talking hat that resembles a duck doesn’t seem too awkward after all. What other sidekicks in the gaming or Zelda world did you find incredibly strange and wacky? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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