It seems The Legend of Zelda has found it’s way into another countdown. This time its not for Game of the Year or Greatest Video Game Weapons, but for The Greatest Story Ever Told. is hosting yet again, another Video Game Death Match. The Zelda series seems to pull through and win almost every contest I have known it to be a part of, which is why its difficult for me to witness it struggling so hard in this one. To me the Zelda series boasts on having some of the best stories. Ocarina of Time having one of the more memorable story lines in the series. So why is it struggling against Mass Effect? We need your help in this contest. Head on over to and cast your vote for for Ocarina of Time.

I’m a huge fan of Ocarina of Time’s story and after so many years, I can still recall all the fond child hood memories I had playing the game and uncovering every little detail the story had to offer. So please, Zelda fans, go and vote for Ocarina of Time and with your help, maybe it can pull through and win yet another countdown.

What are your thoughts on Ocarina of Time’s story line? Do you really think Mass Effect is a better story driven game? Let us know in the comments below.


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