Conker's Bad Fur Day Voice Acting

Voice acting in Zelda. We’ve had plenty of articles about it here on our mainsite and plenty of threads about it on our forums. Some of us wanted it, others didn’t. The fact is that Aonuma recently confirmed that Skyward Sword will be without voice acting and it is likely that Zelda will never have it because it isn’t a part of what makes up the series. While I can understand Nintendo’s reasoning behind it, I would personally like to see voice acting in Zelda like that of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. That is, still with the written text that the player can control the speed of progression through. Personally, I think Nintendo is hesitant to get with the times when it comes to voice acting in Zelda. Link doesn’t have to speak, but overall, I don’t think the lack of voice acting will detract from Skyward Sword.

Anyways, ‘Voice Acting: Not Now, Nor Ever’ is an article by Bastian over at our affiliate site, Zelda Universe. It takes a speculative look at what the thought processes behind Miyamoto and Aonuma’s decision on voice acting might be. Is it to keep Link as the ‘strong silent type’ or because of a hesitancy in selecting people to be the voices of such renown characters? Is it because Nintendo doesn’t want to waste time and money on voice actors, especially across all of the languages? Whatever the reason, all we know is that we aren’t getting voice acting.

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