Matthew Brady, an article writer at Examiner, finds what he feels are three major design flaws in The Legend of Zelda.

As any good writer does, he not only recognizes these flaws but he also

provides what he feels could be the best possible solutions to these


It’s actually interesting seeing someone step back and tear apart a game that is the foundation of one of the greatest gaming franchises in the history of gaming. Here’s his first complaint:

Problem 1 – The Silver Arrows and Red Ring


absolutely have to have the Silver Arrows to beat Ganon. Without them,

your battle against him is doomed from the start. Also, (unless you’re

really good) you need to have the Red Ring too, just to survive Death

Mountain. Both of these items are notoriously difficult to acquire and


How to solve it…

Don’t put them in Death

Mountain. Put them somewhere else instead. Or, at the very least, don’t

make it so hard to get to them. Do you really need to kill 300

Wizzrobes and Like Likes to get to these items? I don’t believe you

should have to go through that much trouble.

Seems like a lot of complaining more then actual design flaws. Still, it’s an interesting read that did take me back and remind myself why The Legend of Zelda was such a masterpiece at it’s time, even if the articles point was to say the game was not perfect. Want to read the rest? Check out Matthew’s article: Video game sacriledge: The Legend of Zelda

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