While out in LA for E3 last month, we found ourselves with a little downtime after the big Nintendo Direct. With that we decided to swing by the Super Smash Bros. 2018 Invitational to find out what all the fans were hyped about, and boy did they deliver!

Hundreds of fans were lined up down the block from the Belasco Theater (the venue for this year’s Invitational) in hopes of being one of the few to be let into what could be the Smash event of the century. Getting the opportunity to see some of the best players from Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U/3DS duke it out in a new Smash game was a dream come true for fans. A few we talked with said they had been waiting in line for over twelve hours! Now that’s commitment.

Most of the players we chatted with were excited for the inclusion of every fighter from the previous games. People were thrilled to see Snake of the Metal Gear franchise rejoin the roster (minus a little nerfing) and some were almost in tears over the fact that Metroid’s own Ridley was joining the fray! Others were excited to see where this game takes the community. For those of you that don’t know, the competitive Smash scene can be sort of divided, as most competitive Smash players will often only play one game in the series and won’t double dip. So some are hoping this game will merge those communities so that they can grow and can ultimately get better together.

What has you most excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch? Is it for the return of all of the previous games fighters? Is it for the new techniques and refined game mechanics? Also, would you enjoy it if we worked on more content like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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