maxresdefault (3) Zelda rip-offs, imitations, and “inspired-by” games are nothing new to the series’ fanbase, we see new ones emerge every day on a wide range of consoles and gaming outlets. This trend of pulling ideas from Zelda games has been going on since the dawn of the series, so YouTube personality Boku No Eruption compiled a list of his favorite 2-D Legend of Zelda clones in an engaging video review. He debated the merits of these Zelda “inspired” games; he gives them credit when credit is due in terms of improved aspects, but doesn’t hold back judgement when they drop-the-ball.

The video starts off with Neutopia I and II for the TurboGrafx-16, then covers Landstalker for the Sega Genesis, Golden Axe Warrior for the Sega Master System, and Shining Wisdom for the Sega Saturn. He compares the gameplay, music, visuals, enemies, and whether the games benefitted from being more or less complex than the 2-D Zeldas. As one Nintendo fan to another, back when 2-D Zeldas were hot-on-the-scene Sega sure did copy them a lot (no wonder it went under and Nintendo reigned supreme). If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen Sega.

In any case, what did you think of Boku No Eruptions’ 2-D Zelda Clones review? Have you played any of the games on this list? If not, do you think you’ll try to now? Are there any other 2-D Zelda imitations that you wish he’d covered? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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