Valentine’s Day Artwork Gallery

Anju and Kafei Artwork

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Today our Zelda Image Gallery has been updated including all the submissions I got for this years Valentine’s Day fan artwork project. All in all we got 85 pieces of Fan Artwork posted from a variety different artists, along with links to of their individual deviantART, North Castle, or YouTube accounts. Be sure to take a look at the gallery where you can also comment on each individual piece of artwork.

While there was no specific criteria for the artwork other than it had to be appropriate and romantic, it sure seemed we got a bunch of Zelda and Link artwork. While this was to be expected, I thought we’d see more Link-Ilia, Link-Malon, or even Link-Midna. That being said, there still was several unique pieces. The artwork you see to the left is of arguably the most beloved non-Link romance couple in the Zelda series, Anju and Kafei. The artwork is done quite well and it is fun to look at.

Other standouts include artwork for Link and Ilia, Link and Malon, along with a ton of Midna and Zant.

Hope you all enjoyed the artwork and we look forward to our next artwork project. You can also check out the video we released a few days that included the Valentine’s Day Fan Artwork. You can see the embedded video just after the cut.

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