Valentines Day 2010 Artwork

Valentine's Day Project

Are you an artist that likes to dwell in the world of romantic artwork? Then this is just for you! Here at Zelda Dungeon we are hosting our second Zelda Fan Artwork project, and this one has a Valentines Day theme!

What we are looking for is to try to gather plenty of romantic Zelda artwork to put together in our image gallery, as well as making a cool collage of all the submissions that we do get. There are just two simple requirements.

1. Let’s make artwork with a romantic theme. This can include artwork with Link, Princess Zelda, Malon, Midna, Anju/Kafei, or any other characters in the Zelda series.

2. Let’s be creative, but let’s not be overly revealing.

That’s it! If you are interested in submitting artwork for the project you can do it in one of many ways. The best way to submit your artwork is by simply e-mailing me at You can also post links to your artwork in the comments of this post, or you can post them at the Valentine’s Day thread over at our forums. Thanks ahead of time for any submissions you do send in and I’m looking forward to looking at all the work!

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