You know, I grow weary of this rearing it’s ugly head every 4 months, but alas what can be done? We need money and this time it’s already more urgent than at any other time in the past. Presently, one of our servers has already been taken down (the one Metroid Wiki is on), which is one reason this is urgent as of today. We are again requesting help to get us “caught up” on our server bills. We are looking to raise between 200 and 400$ to help the recovery act and we need to raise it within a week.

As usual, there is a light at the end of the tunnel is all of this. After some lengthy phone conversations this week both with Rackspace and with every advertiser we use, ZI is officially “solvent”. We are now self sufficient with a small surplus each month as of the end of December. The problem? That means we are just that, self sufficient… it doesn’t make up for already past due amounts. So, in essence, this is the last donation drive we will ever have. Have. I promise you that. If that promise gets broken, feel free to castrate me and hang me from a flag pole.

This is also an immediate help to Zelda Informer as well. Metroid Wiki and Zelda Informer’s servers are linked, and last night Zelda Informer’s server went down for 3 hours. It went down due to the late payments, and it was only have a very angry, drunk phone call at 3am this morning that it got resolved and ZI was brought back online. Unfortunately, there is no guarentee unless we raise the funds that we wont be going back down again sometime in the next week. So while these funds immediately help Metroid Wiki, they also help Zelda Informer.

Send all donations to via paypal. Again, I apologize for this mess, but as is proven with Metroid Wiki not being around, this is real, and we could actually not come to exist on the internet soon enough.

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