The Legend of Zelda boasts a vibrant community of creators who show their passion for the series through artistic expression. With so many artists, writers, musicians, and creators of merchandise, it’s also important to recognize the organizers who provide the platforms and forums that bring the fruits of their labor to wider audiences. One such publication, a Zelda-themed zine called Seal the Darkness has revealed this awesome cover art for the approaching release.

Hosted by art challenge LinktoberSeal the Darkness is a fanzine focusing on the various swords found throughout The Legend of Zelda and the characters that wield them. The final product will feature 40 artists, 7 merch creators, and 5 writers of fiction or poetry. Given the vastness of the series, there is no shortage of blades and combatants to draw inspiration from. While Link and the Master Sword are unrivaled in prominence and iconography, this will be an excellent opportunity to see some other swords from the franchise get represented and have their moment in the spotlight. I know I’m hoping to see Majora’s Mask‘s Gilded Sword receive some attention!

It is, of course, Link and the Master Sword that will adorn the zine’s epic cover art. Prominently placed in the foreground, the Hylian Hero wields the Blade of Evil’s Bane. Cloaked in the shadows of fog and fire, evil aggressors encroach upon Link and his trusty sword. Though their figures are enshrouded, the eyes of these dark interlopers glow with malicious intent. This tremendous artwork achieves what any publication would want. Series fans are sure to be excited by the instantly recognizable Hero and weapon, but the image also invokes a sense of mystery that leaves the viewer wondering what is in store for them. Zelda artist Jasqreate really knocked it out of the park with this incredible illustration, with graphic designer joeldsiegel’s logo and mock-up image bringing the cover together in such a fantastic way.

Pre-orders for Seal the Darkness will open soon. You can learn more about this upcoming zine on Twitter and Instagram. Both social media pages contain a link to a very informative FAQ page that I highly recommend taking a look at. You can also check out previous coverage of Seal the Darkness here on Zelda Dungeon!

Are you excited for this zine? What swords are you hoping to see featured within? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Seal the Darkness

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