Since not everyone can be like the Sheikah Monks and slow down the aging process through meditation, the best result most can hope for is deep relaxation. An easy way for Zelda fans to reach a state of zen is to lose themselves in this new orchestrated meditation track “A Vision of Fi.” Arranged by Ben Emberley — a composer and arranger for The Symphony of the Goddesses — the song focuses around Fi’s everpresence in Link’s adventures as part of the Master Sword by interweaving Fi’s theme with iconic tracks from throughout the series.

This arrangement is both calming and somewhat haunting, and it does well to capture the significance of Fi’s role in Skyward Sword and as the spirit of the Master Sword. While this composition was finished three months ago, Emberley recently shared it with Zelda speedrunner gymnast86 on twitter.

Emberley explains the contents of the song as follows:

“The music starts off with the introduction of the original Zelda theme, and moves on to a quieter section where the Ballad of the Goddess is played, and then onto Fi’s theme in its entirety, then throughout a number of pieces from various other games, all the time, with Fi’s theme being played in the Flutes high above the music, as a reminder that while Link has the Master Sword on his many adventures, Fi is always there…”

Emberley has been involved with music his entire life, and began composing in earnest in college. It wasn’t until he saw Nintendo’s 2011 E3 presentation, where a live orchestra played a Zelda medley in honor of the series’ 25th anniversary, that he became interested in arranging music from his favorite video games. Apart from his work with The Symphony of the Goddesses and “A Vision of Fi,” Emberley has seven more Zelda compositions on his SoundCloud. The most recent composition is titled “Zelda Fantasia” and can be found here.

What do you think of this Zelda meditation track? Are there any other Zelda characters or tunes you’d like to see Emberley compose a meditation around? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SoundCloud

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