Some TitleRecently, news of a Zelda MMO has been floating around the internet. Considering that Zelda has traditionally been a single player game, with the exception of things like the Four Swords series and the multiplayer components of the DS titles, seeing news of a Zelda MMO being developed seemed quite surprising to me. Despite what I previously thought, it appears that some Zelda fans do believe that Zelda can work multiplayer. Just to be clear this project, currently going under the name of “Zelda World” is not an MMO, according to their latest news update. They claim that it is simply a stand-alone game and not even a mod of an official Zelda game. The summary on the download’s page reads:

“Zelda World gives you the content from both OOT and MM and gives you the ability to create/recreate any Zelda Storys/Quests you like for everyone to enjoy. Imagine being able to play OOT or MM and invite your friends to come play with you and help you on your quest, or even take the old N64 Zelda’s worlds and add your own quests into it.”

This ambitious-sounding project recently released an alpha version, which can be downloaded (at your own risk) via the project’s webpage here, sounds interesting enough, despite obviously not being an official Zelda game. From what I’ve seen based on videos and images on the project’s page, there doesn’t appear to be much to the game right now other than some scattered areas and models to toy around with. Although they have reinforced the fact that it isn’t an MMO, from reading the quote provided you can see that it is multiplayer to some extent. Personally, it doesn’t seem like my kind of game, and sounds more like a construction set than an actual full-fledged game. I’m not slighting the project in the least, it does sound cool, but it isn’t my thing. What are your thoughts on the project? Does it sound like a game you’d like to play? Tell me in the comments!

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