image_326416_620Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed two soon-to-be added features for Hyrule Warriors. By using your Link Amiibo on your gamepad, you can unlock a new weapon for Link: the Spinner. This movement-aiding object from Twilight Princess was rather underwhelming when not used on the designated rails, which might have lead to Nintendo’s decision to make up to the poor little thing by making it a weapon in Hyrule Warriors. The second feature is that by scanning any other Amiibo compatible with Super Smash Bros. you can get a random material, weapon, or rupee in the game. See the announcement after the break!

Bill Trinen, having escaped from the Twilight Realm after being cast into it for making fun of Reggie’s Japanese and Miyamoto’s drawings, tells us about these upcoming features. He mentions the Spinner “smashing enemies”; whether this is a play on words for Super Smash Brothers or that the Spinner deals lots of knockback remains to be seen. Unfortunately there is no footage of the Spinner being used in-game, but you can try the weapon soon enough when the Amiibo integration is added to the game via an update alongside the Twilight Princess DLC pack. What do you think the Spinner will do? Will it be useful or wil lit live up to its earlier incarnation in Twilight Princess and be a gimmick at best? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Youtube