Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:


One thing that has been a consistent problem with many of Nintendo’s handhelds and console releases the last decade has been the inconsistency in software releases. We have grown accustomed to long droughts between core games and Nintendo, specifically Iwata, has taken notice. In a recent interview with a newspaper in Japan, Iwata stated this about game releases on the Nintendo 3DS:

“With the DS and Wii, following the titles that were released at launch, the momentum dropped when there was a gap in software releases. We’re making plans so that this type of thing won’t happen.”

While the 3DS is clearly getting more 3rd party support, it’s nice to know that Nintendo themselves is going to make it a priority to not have long droughts in software releases. I think this is partly why we have seen Kid Icarus make a comeback, as well as Donkey Kong and eventually Pikmin. Instead of just running with a handful of franchises all the time, I think Nintendo plans to run with almost all of their popular franchises all the time, thus allowing for more game releases. At least, that seems to be the trend with the 3DS. Hopefully this concern carries over into the next console generation.

Source: Kotaku

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