We have been spending a great deal of time with Ocarina of Time over on our Youtube channel. Between our series Jamie Plays Zelda and Zelda Warfare Mases and I have gotten our fair share of the game in the past few months. All of our time spent with the game has sparked many a thought about it in our minds. In our newest entry into the Hyrule Compendium, we take a look at some of the classic enemies of the Legend of Zelda series who we thought did not make a good enough showing in Ocarina of Time. What do you think of our choices? Ocarina of Time does have a nice diversity of enemies, so do you think it would have been better any other way? Do you think it would be cool to see more enemies in Hyrule Field? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The Hyrule Compendium is a series of brief discussions of all things Zelda. If you would like to see more, check out this playlist. We also have a lot of other fun series over on our Youtube channel including Jamie Plays Zelda, Zelda Warfare, and more! You are going to want to head on over there and subscribe to get in on the action!

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