ONM OoT Review

While we can’t release our review until 10am on June 17th – there are plenty of reviews for Ocarina of Time in some overseas magazines. This one comes to us from the UK – courtesy of the Official Nintendo Magazine. First off, this was their overall summary: “A reverent port that brings Nintendo’s very best to a new generation.”

With reviews so far floating around the 93-95% area, finally Ocarina of Time gets a score that is more fitting. ONM gave it a 98 – if the picture didn’t give it away already. Remember to keep on eye out for our own review on June 17.

As for my thoughts – no game deserves a 100%, but Ocarina of Time deserves at least a 98%. I’d give the original a 99%, so if this remake adheres to the original, it looks like ONM is the first to give it a score along the lines of what it deserves.

Source: Zelda Dungeon (via GoNintendo)

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