With Hyrule Warriors Legends less than two weeks away from finally being released in the remaining regions, retailers are showing everything they have to offer when it comes to pre-order bonuses. GameStop is offering a character art book from the game, while Italian retailers are receiving two exclusive My Fairy costumes along with a classic outfit for Link. We can now confirm that the latter pre-order bonus is now available for those who live in the UK.

UK retailer GAME is now offering a pre-order bonus for Hyrule Warriors Legends which will let gamers there receive the two My Fairy costumes that were originally exclusive to stores in Italy. This costume set includes the classic Link tunic and the Twilight costume that draws similarities to Twili Midna’s outfit. There is currently no confirmation yet that this costume set will also include the bonus costume for Link like the Italian retailers have (as seen in the picture above). There’s not even word yet if any of the other remaining regions will be receiving these My Fairy outfits in the near future as well.

What do you think of this pre-order bonus? Have you pre-ordered your copy of Hyrule Warriors Legends yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GAME (via Nintendo Everything)

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