Today, Nintendo3DSuk (the official YouTube channel for 3DS in the UK) released another Majora’s Mask 3D gameplay trailer that shows off some updates we haven’t seen a lot of yet. The trailer also features more footage of the Snowhead Temple, Goht boss fight, and some major changes to Twinmold boss fight.

An entire section of the trailer is devoted to the residents of Termina, such as Gabora the blacksmith, Indigo-Go‘s drummer Tijo, and the mysterious hand in the toilet. The animations are super smooth — as expected — but I did notice that NPC voices have not been updated. This isn’t a bad thing, as I like having those sounds preserved for nostalgia’s sake.

The biggest reveals in the trailer were gameplay clips of the two bosses we haven’t seen a lot of yet: Goht and Twinmold. The boss of Snowhead, like Odolwa and Gyorg, has been given a giant eye that pops out when stunned. This appears to confirm fans’ fear that large, obvious weakpoints are now present in all of the game’s bosses.

In addition to a big eye on Twinmold, there are also changes to how the boss is dealt with. The Giant’s Mask now renders Link a hand-to-hand fighter that punches Twinmold throughout the battle. Another trailer has also shown that giant Link and swing Twinmold around by the tail. These changes seem to be a way to make the Twinmold fight a more distinctive experience than it used to be, with more special uses of the Giant’s Mask. I didn’t much care for the orginal boss fight, so I’m all for it.

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