In case you missed it, the annual Zelda Dungeon Marathon took place from July 14th to 20th, where our staff got together under one roof to raise $4,305 for Extra Life and children’s hospitals. What did that entail, you ask? Why, a 24/7 live stream, several antics, bad jokes, every Zelda title ever, and not one, but two speedrunning records!

Oh, yes. It happened. Our very own Kevin O’Rourke and Locke teamed up to try their hands at co-op Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition and walked away victorious. Not only did they conquer the Main Story Mode, finishing at 3:08:09, they also continued on to finish every level of the game at 5:08:06. Now, as reviewed and approved by, they hold the world record for both!

Click the links below to watch the videos:

Co-Op NG+ Main Story

Co-Op NG+ All Levels

Congratulations, Kevin and Locke!

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