Today we’ve got some more tasty trailers for Hyrule Warriors. The first of these trailers is that of the Goron boss Darunia, and the second shows the wonderful Sheik. The two use their respective special weapons and are showcased in the trailers.

First off we have Darunia, who handles a large hammer that he uses to sideswipe and flatten enemies into the ground. An additional attack in the trailer shows him throwing a giant boulder covered in lava at his enemies, effectively neutralizing the threat. The Goron boss is also shown doing a dance of sorts which in turn makes him faster and more effective in taking down his enemies.

Sheik’s trailer showcases her agility and her harp. When played, the harp will leave Sheik vulnerable for a couple seconds before entangling the enemies in a nearby radius within a shock wave that continues to damage and constrict them as well as other foes who are knocked into the blast. A few other attacks that Sheik shows off include a water typhoon that sweeps in a straight line, a fire attack which drops flames onto enemies, as well as a combo move which uses the stealthy skills that Sheik possesses to barrage her opponents with multiple attacks before a strong finishing move.

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