1We have another Super Smash Bros. 4 screenshot this week from Masahiro Sakurai, and this time, he has revealed that Ganondorf’s loyal minions, Koume and Kotake, will be making a cameo in the 3DS-exclusive Gerudo Valley stage. It is unclear whether they will have any real effect on the battlefield, but it does raise speculation as to whether more secondary characters will show up in other stages.

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It is always nice to see fan-favorite characters like Twinrova show up to make stages more interesting, and this really makes me hope that they will end up dropping in to attack players and making things more interesting, like King Bulblin in Super Smash Bros. Brawl‘s Eldin Bridge stage. I also think that this kind of thing could happen in the Wii U-exclusive Skyward Sword stage. We are already getting to see Alfonzo in the Spirit Train stage, so who knows? Perhaps Groose will drop into Skyloft on his loftwing to troll players, or even Ghirahim, if we’re lucky!

What do you think Koume and Kotake will be doing in Gerudo Valley? Who else do you think will show up in this stage or others? Leave a comment!

Source: Miiverse

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