Alright folks, here’s something fun – the screenshot of the “new Zelda” shown on the trailer for WiiU. As mentioned earlier, the video started off with what seemed like Twilight Princess footage but then turned into something very different, and much more pants-jizzing.

First thing – full image (Huge). As you can see, that’s definitely Twilight Princess Link fighting Twilight Princess Gohma. Even the inventory items and icons suggest the same. However, Nintendo is trying to pass it off as the player controlling it, rather than just watching, and earlier even, Nintendo has shown a tech demo of the new console’s graphic capabilities, suggesting that that sequence isn’t actually pre-rendered.

Are we looking at a Twilight Princess remake? Or perhaps just a tech demo? A marketing stunt? E3 still isn’t over, and we will add more info if it gets available. If not, I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.

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