Twilight Termina Fan Art

Imagine the world of Majora’s Mask redesigned in a dark, gloomy style that’s inspired by the art design of Twilight Princess. Well user ~Spire-III over on DeviantArt has created an amazing looking piece of fan art that does exactly that. With dark clouds looming over Termina, and the Moon resting in the clouds, this picture really seems to set the mood that I’ve always thought fit with a game like Majora’s Mask. The colors really create a dark tone, almost giving one a sense of despair or fear, which I really think fits well with Majora’s Mask. Anyways you can make the jump for the picture, or check it out on DeviantArt here.


I really just love how the artist designed the Moon in this picture, and for a number of reasons. While the Moon looks plain creepy in the game and in most other pictures, I think that this art gives it one of the better looks I’ve seen for it so far. Combining the Twilight Princess art style with the already scary design of the Moon makes it look truly terrifying. I also like the size of the Moon compared to Termina. In Majora’s Mask, it didn’t really look like the Moon could even encompass all of the town, but it’s size in this picture could easily take all of Termina, in addition to some surrounding land. The size definitely adds to the terror of the Moon. Overall, the picture is amazing, and it could definitely make for a great wallpaper if you’re in the need of one.

But what do you think of the picture? Do you think the combination of the Twilight Princess art style with the world of Majora’s Mask works well? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Source: DeviantArt

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