Twilight Symphony Choir Session

The guys over at ZREO (Zelda Reorchestrated) have a released a few sneak peaks from their Twilight Symphony album. Seeing that all four of them were being recorded in what sounded like a capella (a form of singing that covers all instruments through their voices), I rushed right over to check them out. It sounds just like the real thing, it is amazing what they are doing. Check out the videos after the jump!

This first video is of the overture of the game, the song you hear on the title screen.

This second video is “Midna’s Theme” from Twilight Princess.

This third video is of the chants they use in the Death Mountain remake.

And this last song is the “Hero’s Theme”.

I’m in a choir myself, and I can say that is some good singing. ZREO is doing a great job with the project. Give them a hand and leave your comments down below!

Source: YouTube

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