Chapter 4 of the Twilight Princess Walkthrough is now ready and can be viewed at the link below.

~ Twilight Princess ~
Walkthrough Chapter 04 – Forest Temple

This part of the guide takes Link through the Forest Temple. Link gets the gale boomerang while navigating through the dungeon. The guide concludes with the dungeon boss, Diababa. As always, comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

On a side note, I just wanted to give a brief explanation as to why things have been a bit slow lately. In 11 days (August 19th), Zelda Dungeon will be celebrating 7 years online. Caleb, Dabombster, and I are working to try to make this years birthday something special. Thus, we are gearing a lot of our content work towards a release on that day. Be sure to check back on the 19th, as we’ll hopefully have some big things to show off for you all, including one cool surprise for long time Zelda Dungeon viewers.

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