Chapter 7 of the Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough has been added and you can view it at the link below.

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Video Walkthrough Chapter 07 – Goron Mines

Chapter 7 runs just over 47 minutes and it takes Link through the Goron Mines. The walkthrough includes getting the Bow and Arrow, finding the dungeon map and compass, and assembling the boss key. The temple concludes when Link defeats Fyrus, the dungeon boss of the Goron Mines.

I do apologize for the long time it took in getting this portion up. We currently have a bunch of projects going on here at Zelda Dungeon and I’ve temporarily put the Twilight Princess Walkthrough on the back burner. I will be on vacation for Christmas break in the coming two weeks, but once I’m back, frequent updates concerning the Twilight Princess Walkthrough will resume.

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