Chapter 3 of the Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough has been added and you can view it at the link below.

~ Twilight Princess ~
Video Walkthrough Chapter 03 – Faron Woods: Twilight

Chapter 3 of the walkthroughs runs just under 30 minutes and it directly follows the corresponding site walkthrough. Wolf Link is taken through the Faron Woods as he finds 16 tears and restores the Vessel of Light. The chapter concludes as Link enters into the first dungeon, the Forest Temple.

I’d like to give a special thanks to all my supporters over at the Zelda Dungeon Youtube Channel. Over the last several months, we have gathered quite a few new Youtube subscribers and just today we have surpassed the 1100 subscriber mark. Subscribing at our Youtube channel gives you the first look at all our new videos. They are always first uploaded at both Youtube and Google Video before they are released here at Zelda Dungeon, so be sure to subscribe.

I’m currently working on Chapter 4 of the video walkthrough and that should be up shortly. In addition to that, Chapter 5 of the site walkthrough is under construction and I hope to that have available within a few weeks.

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