Today I have for you all Chapter 01 of the Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough. I’ve been working on this video for the last few days but because of numerous technical problems that had arisen it took a lot longer than I’d thought it would.

The video follows the exact step by step procedure as the Site Walkthrough for Chapter 01. This connectivity between site and video is something Caleb and I have had planned for quite some time. Hopefully all future video guides that appear at the site will follow a corresponding site walkthrough.

The video is available on both Google Video and YouTube. The whole chapter runs at just under 50 minutes. The Google Video version shows the entire guide in one video while the YouTube version is broken down into 6 smaller segmented videos. The Google version is embedded and available on Zelda Dungeon at the url below. I’m still working on a proper way on how to display the embedded video, but for now, it is just an empty page with the video embedded.

The actual video shows all cut-scenes as well as all gameplay that appear within the chapter. In addition to just video, it also has full commentary by me. The purpose of the commentary is to make the video enjoyable for all fans and not just those who are specifically in need of help. Meaning, if you’ve already beaten the game, the guide might still be something for you to enjoy.

Like always, your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Zelda Dungeon at Youtube
Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough Chapter 01

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