By the end of this week, a lot of Zelda fans will finally be getting there hands on Twilight Princess HD. With the release being in a few days for most regions, the anticipation must be killing a whole lot of eager Zelda fanatics. Like with any Zelda title, we here at Zelda Informer can’t wait to get our hands on to what is sure to be a fun time. For the press who have gotten a chance to fully experience the game first though, we present to you a massive review roundup for Twilight Princess HD.

According to Metacritic, Twilight Princess HD has received an overall positive reception thus far. The game currently sits at an overall average of about 85% and has received at least thirteen “90% or higher” scores. At the moment, it has only garnered one perfect score from the gaming news site God is a Geek, stating that it “does everything its predecessor did but better.” Check out the full roundup of review scores below.

Be sure to come back to Zelda Informer to not only check out our eventual full review and thoughts on Twilight Princess HD, but to also find our full walkthrough of this remastered Zelda title. What do you think of the reviews the game has recieved so far? Do you think it deserves better? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metacritic

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