Twilight Princess Guide Update

Twilight Princess

I’m here today to update about what is going on with the Twilight Princess walkthrough, and video walkthrough.

Since Mases just moves too darn slow at this, he passed along the project to me and Bomby, and we hope to have it completed much faster than it has been going lately.  We already have the next chapter done for the text walkthrough, chapter 13, which will guide you all the way through Arbiter’s Grounds.

Twilight Princess Walkthrough
Chapter 13 – Arbiter’s Grounds

As for the video walkthrough, it’s currently on hold as we are looking for new ways to get higher quality video in a more efficient way. The video is still in the works, but there likely won’t be any additions for the next few months. We hope to have the entire video redone and complete this Summer.

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