Zelda fans can be quite talented when it comes to expressing their love for the series. They can produce beautiful artwork, unbelievable crafts, and wonderful-sounding music. A YouTube user by the name of VGM has done just that by creating a metal-guitar remix of the field theme from Twilight Princess.

The remix clocks in at exactly four minutes, 54 seconds and includes a mix of guitar, flute, and drums. Other video game music covered by VGM includes Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy.

The owner of the VGM channel is Nate VonGrimm, and all of his music is available for free. “All my covers and tabs are free downloads, and that will never change. I believe music should be available to everyone,” he says.

Although VonGrimm makes his music available without charge, anyone that wants to support him is free to do so by clicking here. VonGrimm also said he’d enjoy it if someone bought him a cookie, so listeners might keep that in mind.

What other video game music would you like to see covered on VGM?

Source: YouTube

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