Ganondorf Staring

Four years ago, Twilight Princess hit stores all over the world. Zelda Dungeon existed during this release and as usual, Mases wrote a Twilight Princess Walkthrough to ensure that we had content when the masses needed it. The guide sat for a while, and a couple of years ago Mases started redoing it to include images, boxes, and to make it look more pleasing to the eye; however, at the same time he also started the video walkthrough.

Fast-forward to July 2010. A couple of weeks ago, I updated on Twilight Princess content to show that there was progress being made. Now I update to show that progress has finished. The Twilight Princess Walkthrough is now completely finished from chapter 1-22.

Also, I’ve finished the Boss Guide to allow easier access to some of the harder parts of the game. Instead of having to search through the chapters to find a specific boss, you can just go straight to the Boss Guide. This works the same for the Bottles Guide whenever you have questions as to what you can put in your bottles and their locations, and also for the Upgrades Guide, which shows where you can find all the upgrades to your equipment.

Caleb Simpson is also still working on his Video Walkthrough for the guide, and he has almost made it to Chapter 17 -The Temple of Time. Below you can find every link to every page listed above.

Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Twilight Princess Bosses

Twilight Princess Bottles

Twilight Princess Upgrades

Zelda Dungeon Youtube Channel