Twili Midna Papercraft

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a few news posts featuring fan-made Legend of Zelda papercraft creations. The pieces vary in size, color, and character (or item, in some cases), and I think it’s a really cool form of art. Squeezycheesecake and Xenon with Nintendo Papercraft have done an exceptional job in constructing this 49cm (19.3 inch) tall paper version of Midna in her Twili form. Having no experience in the craft myself, I wouldn’t hesitate to believe that it was a difficult project. According to the description on their site, a couple of months were spent putting Midna together, and I feel like they did a great job. Make the jump to see pictures of the completed creation.

I think papercraft is a really neat form of art. Squeezycheesecake and Xenon did a really good job getting the details right in this project. My personal favorite part of it is Midna’s cloak. According to the description at Nintendo Papercraft, this was a very difficult part of to get right, and they have done an admirable job. They have numerous other papercraft creations on their site from many different games, from Animal Crossing to Zelda. Take a look at their site to download Midna or to see other things that they have made.

Are you impressed? What do you like best about papercraft Midna? Are there any other characters that you think would be cool to see in papercraft? Post a comment below and let us know!

Source: Nintendo Papercraft

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