HeroesMany of you have likely heard of the show “Heroes” before, which was a semi popular TV series on NBC that ran for 4 years, ending just a couple years ago due to the falling popularity of the show. If you ask anyone who has seen Heroes, the general reaction is that season one was brilliant (thus resulting in the high ratings), but each season after got worse and worse, thus leading to it’s departure from the air waves.

I too was in that crowd a few years ago, as I grew tired of the series no longer providing the charm I once held in high esteem. However, after watching the series yet again from start to end, I think I may have been a bit unfair in my initial thoughts. I dare say, we all may have been unfair and possibly ended a series long before it needed to be ended.

I wont even discuss season one, as we can all agree it was brilliant. The pacing was perfect, the story was intriguing, and we got to grow with each character together. It was well thought out and put together, and with the hint of Sylar surviving it appeared a second arc of stopping Sylar instead of stopping a bomb was going to become prevalent in season 2. Of course, we all waited patiently to see the all too anticipated epic battle between Peter and Sylar. We all wanted it… and we never truly got it.

Of course, there was the off camera battle between Peter, Nathan, and Sylar at the end of season 3. How that battle went down is beyond me, given that Peter only could hold one ability at that time. Still, it’s something I think fans would of actually loved to see happen live, instead of guessing at how it all went down.

Heroes is said to have struggled at letting go of old characters as it introduced new ones. I do agree that after Ali Later’s original character died a new one should of never been born. That being said, it really wasn’t as big of a deal as I remembered. In fact, I remember distinctly hating Matt Parkman by season 4, but this time around I actually grew to appreciate his character.

Heroes may very well be one of those series that is simply better the second time around. We all grew so attached to the breath taking first season we hoped the whole series would be like that. The stories themselves are timeless, and there are a few things that are a tad redundant and unexplained. As an example, would the government really give up looking for specials just because the first program failed? I mean, they are now aware of them, so why wouldn’t you simply try a new approach?

The series has it’s holes, and it’s issues with letting go of characters. If they never intended to kill off Hiro, than why even make it so his ability kills him? If Peter was still supposed to be a central character, why screw around with his ability? I mean, the new Peter was still interesting, but he truly would never be Sylar’s equal anymore, which was the entire premise of Peter’s existence it seemed.

There are more issues than what is mentioned, but honestly the issues have been overblown. The series is still fun, still interesting, and still ended on a note that need one more season to explain. Unfortunately fans had lost faith after season 2, even if season 3 truly corrected a lot of issues season 2 presented. Writers strike, among other things, greatly damaged the series.

Still, the series itself is a fun watch, and I plead those who abandoned it to go back and give it one more try. As for the those who don’t know what the series is, go to Netflix and give it a view. You may find it is brilliantly built series. Way better than two other series that have popped up since – namely the Misfits and that Super Hero show on ABC or whatever channel it was. It’s a thinking mans super hero show, and I found myself having a rather playful time with it the second go around.

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