54658Direct from GameXplain we now have another new video showing off some of the gameplay from A Link Between Worlds. This time the familiar turtle rock dungeon that many might remember from A Link to the Past. The quality might be a bit lower than normal since this is taken straight from the player’s hands but we do get an excellent look at some of the traps within the dungeon and see that it still maintains the same fire/ice theme it originally had from the first appearance.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

Whenever I see things like this I always ask the same question, who came in after Link and reset all the traps? It does look like Nintendo has increased the number of puzzles since the last time it appeared. It does look a lot like the original dungeon aesthetically but the layout is very different and the puzzles and enemies within it are all new.This one comes off more like a fire temple. and too bad the boss was not shown. I was hoping to see an update of Trinexx in this game.

Source: YouTube