If there’s anything on the short list of things I like more than Ocarina of  Time, it would be seeing people driven to help others. So what could be better than gamers channeling their passion for Zelda toward a worthy, philanthropic cause? That’s exactly what Twitch variety channel twitchplayspapermario is doing in conjunction with twitchplays_zeldagames. Their Ocarina of Time 100% charity race is taking place today (Friday, June 11th) at 4pm PDT. All proceeds from the event will be given to Extra Life, a charity that helps provide funding to local children’s hospitals to benefit sick and injured children.

For those unfamiliar with the Twitch Plays category, these are streams in which the audience has collective control over a game using a software solution to convert inputs from the chat into recognizable inputs for the game itself. Viewers from twitchplayspapermario will be racing against viewers from twitchplays_zeldagames to achieve 100% completion in Ocarina of Time and defeat Ganon. This will be a “Source Requirement, No SRM” race, meaning that each of the items must be retrieved from their intended location and manipulation of the game’s code is not allowed. Ocarina of Time is a fairly complex game in terms of control and progression, so it should be interesting to see it completed in such an unorthodox manner. I wonder if we’ll be able to see some supersliding controlled like this? A comprehensive listing of the race’s rules can be found here.

During the race, viewers of either stream can make donations that go to Extra Life and ultimately benefit the trustworthy charity of the Children’s Miracle Network. Charities like these are always a great cause to contribute to, but they have become especially important during the ongoing pandemic. Ensuring that these hospitals have the resources to care for children in need is a truly noble endeavor and it’s great to see gamers organizing these types of events. You can learn more about Extra Life on their website and you can make a contribution yourself at the donation pages for either twitichplayspapermario or twitchplays_zeldagames.

Set a reminder for 4pm PDT! You can watch the action on twitchplayspapermario or twitchplays_zeldagames.

Are there any other Zelda games you’d like to see used this way? Do you have any cool ideas for a charitable stream? After tuning in, let us know here what you thought!

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