These days, it’s harder to find something to say that won’t offend someone than the opposite way around and more and more people seem to be triggered by the simplest of things. In the spirit of humor, ABrandonToThePast on YouTube has uploaded a compilation of 50 things that often offend or trigger Zelda fans. The list is quite varied, with inclusions of political references, a live action movie for the franchise, and saying that some entries in the franchise are better than others. It is good for a laugh, but the video can certainly touch sore spots with some fans.

I found this list especially humorous. I hold some of these opinions myself, and I’m especially guilty of thinking that Ocarina of Time is quite middle ground for the series. I also would love to see a Zelda move, whether it be in theaters or on Netflix.

What did you think of the video? Did you laugh or did you find anything particularly offensive? Let us know down below!

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