Triforce Tombstone In Japan

Apparently the symbol of the Zelda series, the Triforce, has reached levels of popularity in Japan that even we here at Zelda Informer couldn’t imagine. According to user @mahosyouzyo on Twitter, she redesigned her kamon, or Japanese family crest, when she was approached by her family to after a relative passed away. The relative had wanted to redesign the kamon for years, and the design @mahosyouzyo came up with was used by the family and placed on the tombstone. Pictured here is the supposed tombstone which was found on her Twitter account.

When another Twitter user told her that it looked like something from Zelda, she did, in fact, agree that it was a Triforce, although she claimed that she randomly drew it without much thought. Other denizens of Twitter were quick to point out that the Triforce seal resembles another Japanese Clan’s kamon: the Hojo Clan. When asked about the similarity and if it would cause issues with the Hojo Clan, @mahosyouzyo pointed out that it is okay for different crests to resemble each other. The only crests that cannot be copied are the Imperial Chrysanthemum Seal and the seal of the Japanese Prime Minister, thus leaving this Triforce-like seal completely open for use.

This news seems really odd, but also cool. Which one of us wouldn’t want a Triforce on our tombstone?

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