legend-zelda-triforce-heroes-3ds-e3-2015A recent video from GameSpot has revealed footage of a currently unnamed boss in Tri Force Heroes. The boss is fought with the new item, the Water Rod, and though simple in design, seems like it will be a lot of fun to fight! Tri Force Heroes is releasing on the 23rd this month, so if this boss looks like fun, then never fear! It’ll be a fight you can be a part of real soon!

Hit the jump for the full boss fight!

I am not sure how much I like the fact that this boss is strikingly similar in design to another boss in the game. Recycled bosses are not uncommon to Nintendo, so hopefully it will be kept to a minimum in the final game. Nonetheless, it really does look like fun. Tri Force Heroes is not receiving a huge amount of hype from the fandom, but maybe the whole game is as creative as this fight. I recall, not being all that hyped up for A Link Between Worlds before it came out, and it was fantastic, so maybe this game will surprise me, too.

Are you excited to join with friends and conquer this boss together? Will you be in line to buy Tri Force Heroes on the 23rd? Drop a comment!

Source: YouTube