zelda-tri-force-heroes-27-656x475 In one of the latest interviews with the development team of Tri Force Heroes they discussed some of the costumes and their significance. They talk about costumes such as the cheerleader costume and the Timeless Tunic. They also discuss the choices that they made with costumes and the significance of some of the colors used for the costumes.

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When discussing the Cheerleader Costume:

At first we discussed to go with an idol costume. The ability increases partners’ Energy Gauge, as everyone would be more energetic when getting cheering from an idol. But it seems like the image of an idol is greatly different in Japan than other countries. It turned into a cheerleader when thinking about what has easily understandable image of “giving support” in any country.

When discussing the Timeless Tunic:

The original plan was to do course BGM, but in the end we were able to do two versions of all music. As we had created NES-like music under these circumstances, you’d want to listen to it when you like to and not just when using Download Play, and thus Timeless Tunic was born.

I  actually learned lots about the costume design as well as the choices made with Tri Force Heroes and found it quite interesting. What did you think about the information given? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts. For the full interview, check out the translation from Nintendo Everything through the link below.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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