Tri Force Heroes Guard OrbWith Tri Force Heroes mere days away from its release, footage of the game is pouring out more frequently than ever. A recent video from GameXplain showcases one of the 3DS title’s “guard the orb” challenges. The dungeon requires that one Link carry an orb to the end of the level while the other two protect him and solve the majority of the puzzles along the way. Take a look after the jump!

GameXplain compares this challenge to the basic gameplay of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles; having just watched some footage of that game, I definitely see a striking resemblance. That said, as I was watching this Tri Force Heroes video for the first time, my mind instantly turned toward two other Zelda games. This mechanic feels like a cooperative version of not only the sol sequences from Twilight Princess’s Palace of Twilight, but also the timeshift orb challenges from Skyward Sword. Like much of Tri Force Heroes itself, this looks to shake up the way we think about tackling a dungeon.

How do you feel about this “guard the orb” mechanic? Are you excited to try it out for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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