IMG_2289 Gaming publication, Polygon, recently got a chance to play through some of the co-op Zelda 3DS title Tri Force Heroes set for release on October 22nd. In their session, the players traversed a snowy new area called “Snowball Ravine,” and ended with an icy boss battle. The video gives us a peek at a new parka that improves traction on ice, a fire weapon that shoots bouncing fireballs, and some familiar Zelda sound bites. The trio of Heroes also solve quite a few puzzles using both their new items and the totem mechanic.

Take a look at the Snowball Ravine after the jump!

The totem mechanic is used quite a lot during this playthrough, so it looks like it will be an important addition to the game and not just a quick gimmick. It’s also interesting to note that the area would not have been passable without one player holding onto the boomerang, so having multiple players will allow for more complex puzzles.

The warp sound that plays after stepping on the Triforce is the same one from Four Swords Adventures that was heard when heading through Moon Gates, the fairy respawn system is similar to the incorporation of Force Fairies, and the boss exploding into a ton of rupees pays homage to the bosses in the same game spewing Force Gems after being defeated. Additionally, Snowball Ravine’s theme music sounds similar at times to that of the Minish Village from the The Minish Cap.

I for one am very excited to finally have another multiplayer Zelda be released, and every gameplay video I see gets me more psyched for it. What did you think of the Snowball Ravine? Do you have any critiques of the area? Did anything particularly pique your interest? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Polygon

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