One of the standout features of Tri Force Heroes was the collection of wacky outfits that players could slip into, each with its own unique abilities. But even with over 30 costumes present in the game, the developers at GREZZO had several outfit concepts that never made it in the final game. During the recent Tri Force Heroes Miiting, the team shared about a few of the unused costume ideas that they had during development.

Director Hiromasa Shikata and Mikiharu Ooiwa were asked about outfits that never made their way into Tri Force Heroes:

“MariChan: Since we’re on the topic of outfits, why don’t you tell us about some outfits that ended up not making it into the game?

Shikata: There weren’t any outfits that we created but ended up cutting from the game, but we did abandon a few ideas in the planning phase. Let’s see… We thought about creating a “Stinky Costume” which would keep enemies at bay, or a “Kansai Outfit” which would put the situation reports into the Kansai dialect of Japanese.

Ooiwa: We also considered “Emperor’s New Clothes”, which would make you look naked to other players, and a “Handsome Outfit” that made you look really cool in photos.”

It definitely would have been shocking to see something like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” in Tri Force Heroes, but it is interesting to hear about the concepts the development team was the throwing around. And considering that TFH will soon receive new DLC outfits, maybe some of these unused ideas will some day make it into the game.

Would you have wanted to see any of these outfits in Tri Force Heroes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Source: Miiverse (via Nintendo Everything)

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