One of the biggest elements of Tri Force Heroes is its costumes, allowing players to play the game in a variety of ways based on the costumes they wear. In the game, players can visit Madame Couture’s shop, where they can craft and select costumes to wear on their adventures. A new gameplay clip from Tri Force Heroes shows off how this costume-crafting system works as well as some new costume details.

Madame Couture’s shop presents Link with two sub-menus: an “Order” menu and a “Catalogue” menu. Our hero can use the Order menu to craft new costumes using materials collected throughout the game, such “Fairy Dust” and “Demon Fossils.” These items are most likely dropped by defeated enemies, much like Spoils Bag items in The Wind Waker. If Link has enough materials to craft a costume, Madame Couture will get to work making it.

The Catalogue menu lets Link see all the available costumes, as well as costume descriptions. This new gameplay clip even shows off many of these descriptions:

  • Hero’s Tunic: “The witch-hunters trusty uniform. – Members of the corps are expected to live, eat, sleep, and ride in these!”
  • Lady’s Ensemble: “Lifts curses from princesses like that! – Same effects as the Legendary Dress, plus an extra heart! Feeling special yet?”
  • Tri Suit: “For a dynamic trio! – Get three of these in one place, and good things are bound to happen! …Or so I hear…”
  • Timeless Tunic: “Outfit that takes you way back. – It’s not just in the looks! It also brings back music from the good old days…”
  • Kokiri Clothes: “No. 1 for archers! – Imbued with spirits of the woodsy Kokiri folk, this outfit lets you fire off three arrows at once!”
  • Bear Minimum Digs: “Your first outfit! – It makes you take double damage and reduces maximum hearts by one. Impressively bad.”
  • Big Bomb Outfit: “Mind-blowing! – Small explosions are boring. Make bombs bigger! Better! Yes! Not for the careless, that’s for sure…”
  • Legendary Dress: “Kind-hearted dress! – Make more hearts appear. Helps you help yourself, and others. A kinder, gentler outfit.”
  • Zora Costume: “Get that wet look! – Feel like a Zora: fear no currents, power up your swimming with A, look stylish doing it.”
  • Lucky Loungewear: “Not dodgy at all! – But it helps you dodge incoming attacks. Aren’t you feeling lucky? Well, aren’t you, dear?”
  • Torrent Robe: “For Water Rod pros! – Like the Water Rod? Try it with this robe to double its area of effect, and trust me, you’ll LOVE it!”
  • Jack of Hearts: “Have a heart! – Just one? Really, just the one? Yes, well. You might be surprised by the difference it makes!”
  • Goron Garb: “For the lava-lovers! – Inspired by red-hot Goron fashion. Guaranteed 100% burn-proof, or your Rupees back!”
  • Energy Gear: “Tire less! – 50% more energy equals 50% more usage of your fave item! A little energy goes a long way.”
  • Boomeranger: “Boomerangers assemble! – Makes boomerangs pass through foes, brings everyone together. So sweet!”
  • Cosy Parker: “Sure-footed luxury! – Slipping? Skidding? Never again! Show that ice who’s boss! Also good against cold and weather.”
  • Tingle Tights: “Don’t fear the fall! – The balloons on your back are your saving grace! Just, keep an eye on the numbers, okay?”
  • Hammerwear: “Blunt object power for sharp dressers! – Swing that heavy hammer like its no big deal! And with twice the effect!”
  • Cacto Clothes: “Personal space invaders, beware! – When danger looms near, it gets spiked! Safe for allies, but in the coliseum…”
  • Sword Suit: “Extra sword power! – On the cutting edge of fashion! Makes swords stronger, better, beamier! Wait, beamier…?”
  • Queen of Hearts: “Max hearts +3! – Feeling a tad timid? It’s THE outfit to inspire confidence. There, feels better already.”
  • Rupee Regalia: “It’s raining Rupees! – It takes Rupees to make Rupees! The suit is one shrewd investment that’s bound to pay off.”
  • Cheetah Costume: “Run, don’t walk! – What, that’s it? Hey, don’t be like that! Well, if you’re that hasty, this suit will fit you to a tee.”
  • Cheer Outfit: “Cheer up , soldier! – Just seeing this li’l outfit will make your friends’ spirits soar! Meaning 1.5 times the energy gauge.”
  • Dapper Spinner Kit: “Speedy Spin Attack! – Spin with grace and aplomb! Press B three times in a row for a swift strike, o fortunate knight!”

We’re sure there are more costumes left to be shown, so we’re hoping to see more of these descriptions soon.

Which costume are looking forward to wearing? Let us know in the comments!

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